Being injured in a workplace accident can wreak havoc on a family’s finances and quickly deplete your savings. If you’ve been injured and are currently receiving workers’ comp, you most likely depend on your benefit check to be correct so you can pay bills and other expenses. Unfortunately, some workers either don’t receive their benefits or may receive checks that are less than expected.

In many instances, errors may have occurred in the method that was used to determine your benefits. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to correct the situation. However, your first step should be to contact an experienced Florida workers’ comp attorney who can assist you through this process. For example, a skilled and knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney from RTRLAW can assist and advise you right from the start to make sure you follow the correct procedures to get the benefits to which you are entitled. If you’re injured on the job in Florida, it’s imperative you contact RTRLAW for a free, no-obligation case review.

What Are Some Reasons I Haven’t Received My Workers’ Comp Check?

One of the most important things to keep in mind is not to panic if you haven’t received your workers’ comp check or if the amount of your workers’ comp check is less than expected. There are several reasons why this could have occurred, including:

  • Your employer failed to provide wage information or gave incorrect information to the insurance company.
  • An error may have occurred in the way your benefit amount was calculated.
  • The insurance company may have the wrong payment or contact information for you.

What Can I Do If I Don’t Receive My Workers’ Comp Check or If the Amount Is Less Than Expected?

The first thing you should do is contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney such as the ones at RTRLAW, who can assist you with your workers’ comp benefits claim and advise you throughout the entire process. Additionally, you may want to reach out to your employer to see if they can be of assistance. Your employer may be willing to check with the insurance company to make sure your information is correct.

How Can an Attorney Help Me Get Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Workers’ comp checks are issued by insurance companies, which are notorious for trying to underpay or deny claims to preserve their financial bottom lines.

If you need assistance with filing your workers’ comp claim, getting your workers’ comp benefits, if you’ve been denied benefits, or if you suspect the workers’ comp insurance provider is purposely trying to underpay you, you need to contact an experienced workers’ comp attorney immediately.

RTRLAW’s workers’ comp attorneys will work tirelessly to get you the benefits to which you are entitled. If your case needs to go to court, your RTRLAW attorney will represent you and advise you throughout the process to get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

Contact RTRLAW today for more information about securing your workers’ compensation benefits with the help of a qualified attorney, and ask for a free, no-obligation case review by calling toll free 1-833-HIRE-RTR (1-833-447-3787).