1. Leave the scene– Even if you had a fender bender, you should never leave the scene of an accident. You are obligated to make sure the other party is okay, exchange information and contact the authorities.
  2. Admit fault– You may be tempted to admit the accident was your fault if you think you are guilty, however, you need to leave the finger pointing to the authorities.
  3. Give a statement to the insurance company – Your insurance company, as well as the one that is representing the other party, will want to get a statement from you regarding the accident. A personal injury attorney can guide you and make sure you do not say anything that can be detrimental to your case down the road.
  4. Avoid getting witness statements – You may be concerned about your injuries and all the other things going on after an accident. However, one thing a personal injury attorney will tell you is that you will need witness statements.
  5. Avoid medical care – Medical care is the backbone of your case. An injury means nothing without the details from a physician to back up your claim. If you are hurt ,you need to get checked out ASAP!

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