Many people enjoy riding electric scooters through large metropolitan areas as a convenient means of transportation. Others use e-scooters solely as a form of recreation or as a fun way to enjoy the city.

However, while using e-scooter ridesharing companies like Lime, Spin, Bird, Razor, Wheels, or Segway are easy and convenient with multiple locations around a city, many people have suffered severe, and sometimes fatal injuries using these scooters. Studies of e-scooters have determined 12 reasons why they should be considered dangerous.

What Makes Riding an E-Scooter Challenging?

There are several reasons why riding a Lime, Spin, Bird, Razor, Wheels, or Segway e-scooter is challenging and contributes to the overall danger involved in using an e-scooter. They include:

  • Little to no rider training is available such as instructions or a video demonstrating how to use the scooter properly. Additionally, riders are required to pay to ride the scooter without the benefit of being able to try it out.
  • Often motorists do not realize that pedestrians are riding e-scooters on the roadway and assume they are moving at a much slower pace than they are traveling. This is primarily because riders are in a standing position which gives the optical illusion that they are walking, with drivers misjudging their speed, leading to severe accidents.
  • Because e-scooters are still relatively new, many riders are unaware of the traffic laws they must obey when operating the device, which leads to collisions with pedestrians and motor vehicles.

Do E-Scooters Have Proper Safety Features?

Another serious issue accompanying Lime, Spin, Bird, Razor, Wheels, or Segway e-scooters is their lack of proper safety features, which have greatly contributed to accidents. This includes the following four reasons:

  • Lime, Spin, Bird, Razor, Wheels, or Segway e-scooters don’t have a standard maintenance policy that applies to their products. As a result, individuals often rent broken e-scooters, which leads to accidents.
  • If the e-scooter malfunctions when in use, an accident report is sent to the ridesharing company, but the rider is not informed of the issue. Riders often find themselves involved in what should have been a preventable accident.
  • Most e-scooter companies don’t have any methods in place that help prevent vandalism. As a result, riders often rent scooters only to find that the brake lines have been cut or the e-scooter has sustained severe damage making it dangerous to use the device.
  • Many e-scooter companies have created zones around some cities where the e-scooter can travel faster. If the scooter travels out of the assigned zones, it automatically brakes, slowing down or stopping abruptly. Riders are not notified of this reduction in speed which could cause them to be thrown from the scooter or involved in a collision.

Are Poor Design Features to Blame for E-Scooter Accidents?

E-scooters from Lime, Spin, Bird, Razor, Wheels, or Segway have poor design features, which have also been shown to contribute to accidents, including:

  • Weak headlights that do not adequately illuminate the road or make it difficult for motorists to see the scooters.
  • The fender brake is located on the back tire, making it difficult for riders to find.
  • E-scooters are known to tip or fall over due to their high center of gravity causing riders to sustain severe injuries.
  • E-scooters use small and solid wheels to reduce costs rather than those filled with air. Air-filled wheels are known to be safer when traveling on streets or sidewalks.
  • The parts used on e-scooters are the same quality as those used in typical consumer-grade products, which accounts for only one user and not commercial use. Over time, these parts wear out, placing the rider in danger of injury.

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim After Being Injured in an E-Scooter Accident?

Yes! If you’ve been injured in a Lime, Spin, Bird, Razor, Wheels, or Segway e-scooter accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at RTRLAW immediately. Time is of the essence when dealing with e-scooters, as evidence can be lost or quickly disappear. If possible, be sure to take pictures or videos of the e-scooter you used and the accident scene, and keep your e-receipts from your e-scooter rental.

If you would like more information about what makes Lime or Brid scooters dangerous or wish to file a personal injury claim, you can meet with one of RTRLAW’s qualified personal injury attorneys who will review your case and determine if you’re eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. If you can’t make it to one of our convenient offices located throughout Florida (Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Lake Worth, or Miami) or by appointment only at our Jacksonville, Florida, or Dallas, Texas office, RTRLAW can also come to you – even if you’re in the hospital or confined to your home due to your injuries.